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Online Auctions

Online Auctions

Desktop & Mobile

  • Set up and manage auctions
  • Auction items or time from your high-level sponsors
  • Users bid through browser or our mobile app
  • Auto bid settings
  • Full reporting on winners
Ticketed Events

Ticketed Events

Create Your Own Events

  • Collect RSVPs
  • Sell Tickets (multi-level)
  • Early Bird and Discount pricing
  • Mobile App Scan for validation
  • Promote in the iConnectX Marketplace


Support Your Favorite Charities

  • Members, sponsors or your team members can set up fundraisers
  • Tell your story with text and pictures
  • Help generate donations to reach goals
  • Support your fundraiser with auctions, event tickets and iBridges
Online Donations

Online Donations

Show your support from anywhere

  • Easily solicit donations from your advocacy page, Fundraisers, or events
  • Users can elect to pay any fees
  • Payments are sent directly to your nonprofit
  • NEW: Text-to-Give


Have Your Own Mini-Site

  • Promote your cause & Programs
  • Build activities to support your fundraising
  • Promote volunteer opportunities
  • Share your stories and more


Selfless Donations Made Easy

  • Promote your volunteer opportunities
  • Included forms to collect required data
  • Drive volunteers to your forms
  • Provide description to your volunteers