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Build Mini Site to Maximize Advocacy


Maximize Your Advocacy

Tell your story to a community of professionals, “giving-minded” professionals that have joined iConnectX to build their own social responsibility.

Build Your Own Mini Site in iConnectX

Build advocacy around your cause, promote your programs, leadership Team, events, ticket sales, auctions and fundraisers. The iConnectX Marketplace enables you to gain participation in activities, recruitment of sponsors and volunteering.

What better way to get you noticed than to create a mini-site of your organization in a platform community full of professionals, executives and industry experts all with the same mindset…giving!.

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  • Add your items
  • Add a description about your nonprofit
  • Add current leadership team information
  • Add current programs with links back to your website
  • Add volunteer opportunities, plus capture necessary information through online forms
  • Take in donations
  • Add events, auctions and fundraisers
  • Post stories and activities to the “Feed”
  • Manage your admin users
  • View reports on all activities
  • Promote all activities in the iConnectX Marketplace
  • Take advantage of upgrading your subscription and receive advertising in social media, on the site, and on our login page.