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About Us

iConnectX is the industry leading social platform providing the technology that nonprofits need to succeed in their fundraising. Technology in auction management, event ticketing, fundraiser management, Text-To-Give, volunteering and more.

Started in 2017, iConnectX is a product of Sqwirrel LLC, a Bloomfield Hills, Michigan company. Since inception, the team has been working with nonprofits to gather intelligence on technology needs and implementing them on the platform.

Along with enabling nonprofits with the technology they need, iConnectX provides access to an environment or community of "giving-minded" professionals. This helps to support nonprofits by advertising their activities in the iConnectX Marketplace. Registered nonprofits can engage the professionals for participation or even sponsorship of their events.

iConnectX is available through web and mobile applications to enable nonprofits to reach their audience at work, home, or on the go. This platform will revolutionize the way nonprofits connect with millennials and other groups.

Vision Statement

To help all nonprofits succeed in their fundraising efforts by providing them with the technology they need, support them in their efforts, and connect them with a community "charitable-minded" supporters.

Mission Statement

To continuously be the primary provider of leading-edge technology for nonprofits in auction management, event ticketing, fundraisers, volunteering, Text-To-Give and more, evolving as needs evolve in the nonprofit industry.


Leadership Team

varchasvi shankar CEO President iConnectX Varchasvi Shankar CEO/President

Varchasvi Shankar, President & CEO of iConnectX is a visionary with a passion to build and see iConnectX as one of the most unique social platforms in the industry. As an entrepreneur, Varchasvi offers more than 20 years of leadership, business strategy, operations, sales, marketing and innovation.

Arun Shanbhag Vice President Global Delivery iConnectX Arun Shanbhag Vice President Global Delivery

Arun is responsible for leading iConnectX platform and global delivery teams worldwide. He has over 25 years of global experience in the professional services industry dealing with enterprise software delivery and customer experience management.

Ray Drzala Customer Success Manager iConnectX Ray Drzala Customer Success Manager

Ray is responsible for the sales and marketing of iConnectX. He has over 20 years of experience in SaaS sales and marketing, with specialties in platform solution planning in multiple industries. His relationship building and nurturing enables his engagement with all industries.

Michael Morris UX/UI Creative Director

Michael Morris is responsible for the User Experience, User Interface and the overall brand image of the IConnectx platform. Michael has 20 years of UI/UX design and creative direction across all channels of advertising. Throughout his career, he has worked on the branding, as well as designed and lead the production of industry leading products for General Motors, FCA, Ford Motor Company,, Amerisave Mortgage, and Canon USA to name a few.

Naveen Namperumal Delivery Head

Naveen Namperumal is the Delivery Head with responsibility for projects and product deliveries. He has more than 15 years of experience in the professional services industry dealing with enterprise software delivery, infrastructure services and customer experience management.